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Usually, session.save_path has to be given direct path to the folder you want to store session. Most the server configuration has to be done by the admin. To do this, get the absolute path of your home directory, change it to your temp directory or desired directory…

Or, if you do not want to change the php.ini file manually . you can use init_set to check whether the change is working. If it does… make a  manual change. 🙂


1. managing the mailing list, safe guard web server, email account, spaming, prompt reply to quiries.

2. suggestion and support in web application developement. solving the issues of the SEO, highly critical data.

3. Making a consistent,  intergater system of master salve server to  give the back up in the live servers.

4. Real time transcation issues handling and preemptive threat measuring.

5. Shifting and transferring the websites to multiple data.

6. and many more…

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