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Life was good when i was carefree. Now it has become a job to live the life. Time is passing by and i m dragging along. Its very difficult (difficult enough to say i m not doing this) to give what you want for others want. Jo loog dosroo k lye jeetay han, un ko khushi kon dayta hai.

When it gets tense in life, we need friends, someone close to hear, to hear the stupid things you have done. No, your friend only hear that and say you were right (however deep inside you know you were never…), reply back or critiques you then and there.  If you find the one like this, he is either your best friend or he is pretending.

Never thought about how much change it would be. I have lived my life in a dream, and is still living it. My life (the one i m living in my imagination) is so fragile that i will be died if i end this world of imagination.

In thinking, i feel quite a peace. Sometimes, Jab tension na ho tu 🙂 .

But Life is not a bed of roses, they say that and they are always right.


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