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mujhay abaad karo
sunsaan galiyan hain
dasht ka saama hai
mayoosi ki tareeqi
muat ka sunnata
roh qush bayronki
azaab ka gooma hai
myri khaali galyion mein
koe chahal pehal nahi
tu logo!!
Aaa jao!!
bass jao muj mein
myri afsoordagi dour kro
mein tm ko apna khayal don ga
mein apni subha shaamien don ga
aa jao, sanjha karien…
ao mujhay abaad karien


One of my famous self hunting adventure happened in Peshawar. I used to leave my shave and let the hairs grow, where they have potential 🙂 , Ya weird.

It was in the winter, ah Good old days, when i went my friend to a near by shop. The Shop keeper took me some wag abound, or shop lifter… The reaction was astionshing for me as i was ‘gum’ in my joog, while others who dont know me, where thinking i m actually joogi… the street jogi..

Actually, I was … but not the common one…

Khair, I learned alot about myself, my emotions, and my inner self. Great Learning.

I have Quit doing this kind of Experimentation, as I know there are some normal thing more interesting than what i have been doing lately. and doing it the way i think (i mean, unconventional).

How about you people, you did some experimentation.

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