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Na… This Life is Immortal… it will go on… n on…

Again, it depends How you see it, its the vision that matters.

The more Golbal you think, more will you get meaning out of it.

Death is not something which one has to be afariad of, that’s  a period on our time line in which we will set to the next phase of our life.

Allah made us into existence. We can not do anything at all.

There is only one Data Model which is going to fit for everyone. Only you have to do the right things, what should be done.

Infact, no one can tell you what should you do, Only YOU have to decide or chose the right Path. Some one Tell s you; Remember Allah will not come to you; HE will create Means and Ends.

Science is a Good Tool. It can help you to think and to decide whats right. It’s the brain which points at the right path (its always hidden),and from heart you have to see it(make it visible)

Im afraid; No one can be told what Matrix is: you have to see it yourself.


Muhammad Moeen uddin


Its not about what you want, not really about how you want it.. and neither about.. you want it or not…
Thats life is…!!!
Well, My dear, its a dhooka what you see. and you must see what coming behind it, which actually you can not see. What you see is limited, what ever you do is limited.
Now never think, no one’s above you. No one is on the top, and no one is there to beat you, then and there.
The problem is that a human is like a sponge. Its good because it can retain and relieve liquious things, the bad: it has holes everywhere. Now the thing is when it store something, the holes are not there. and if you start pushing, it start weeping.
This is a trail of GOOD and BAD. You are not going to get rid of it. Does not matter you understand or not. you are part of it, cant just escape.


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