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One of my famous self hunting adventure happened in Peshawar. I used to leave my shave and let the hairs grow, where they have potential 🙂 , Ya weird.

It was in the winter, ah Good old days, when i went my friend to a near by shop. The Shop keeper took me some wag abound, or shop lifter… The reaction was astionshing for me as i was ‘gum’ in my joog, while others who dont know me, where thinking i m actually joogi… the street jogi..

Actually, I was … but not the common one…

Khair, I learned alot about myself, my emotions, and my inner self. Great Learning.

I have Quit doing this kind of Experimentation, as I know there are some normal thing more interesting than what i have been doing lately. and doing it the way i think (i mean, unconventional).

How about you people, you did some experimentation.

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