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The problem:

The mail server is being used which is on the linux webserver. The sendmail file is on the webserver using iis, and the mail object is created on this server. When I send mail, gmail accept, yahoo make it spam, and hotmail never reached.

The error code is error ‘8004020f’.



A downloadable exe file link was working till yesterday, until now. now if we try the link it gives 404 error.

I checked the name, path and at local server its working file. ( Anything with server permissions.)

Also, I was shifting my server files to a new version of Vdeck control panel, the mirror site has the same link, on same page WORKIng.

Suddenly all exe downloads are not working. (virus?? possible or not..)

Can any one guide or hint where to go?

All zips are working fine and downloadables…

Please Reply ASAP.



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