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I am not frequent blogger, but sometimes i feel that people dont comment becuase the writer has a total assertive and declarative attitude towards his idea.

It usually happens with me that i keep dragging the same topic again and again. I would love to share my thoughts, and want to know what other people are thinking about it. It gives me an idea how much different( good or bad) i m in thinking than others. Or for the sake of argument, i see the other possible inclination of same idea.
The comments of Post which negates the opinion of the author of the post are better than who agrees. They naturally had a strong point against the idea, which in return force author to reply back. This is something very interactive and positive.

I want to do some post which are ONE LINERS. Like I LOVE Pakistan.. in the title and nothing else…. !! Sometimes my crave for abstract art forces me to do something very unsocial in field of blogging. Probably this is the same case.


Its funny or strange, but i have visited some other blog to see what others are writing.

They are writing what they are thinking , what they are feeling, and what is the stuff happening around them.

I dropped few comments about their posts, they never replied, as if they do not like any interfernce in their privacy.

Blogging has become outward activity, its not like an private diary. We are shareing what we are thinking, If someone likes or dislike atleast WE CAN ANSWER him/her back.

All the people in my blog roll, i dont know personaly anyone of them. I put them on my blogroll, they never responded. I think they should cos its not about reading each others blog only.

Please See the boarder Spectrum!!

Anyone who’s, English Quality standard does not Pass me, Should comment.

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