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What they say, “Life is a difficult HemisemiOlgosphere”.

I dont know much. But when I feel that there is something wrong, it means there is some thing wrong going on. That’s what the sixth sense is.

Life has many roles in it. I m son of a mother, brother to a sister, i m working some company,etc. In every role i have different responsibility, different attitude and different exuberance.

Rechecking one work or self analysis is the most difficult thing to do. It requires time, energy and concentration.

The people who do. DO GUD IN LIFE.

I suggest you should do too. 🙂


The people who Falls in the Life, knows better the meaning of it.

The People who rise after a Fall, become a strength for themselves and others.

Losing the battle is an important lesson to learn. The People who find ‘Losing’ Live Long.

Love is a strength or weakness? A strength only if you do not take something in your hand as “For your Love sake”, otherwise you dont know what love really is. Pith is that the Knowing you know you love what verses believing in the love of the thing.

A good Definition of Happiness is in wikipedia -> economics -> satisfaction -> No guaranteed!! (guaranteed only if hypothetical ) .

A state of mind for an instance in life which achieves its limits only for the first time positively, targeting human desires and needs mainly.

We have the resources as always, its the way that is to be known to utilize them to their fullest level. We have higher memory, devices, and stuff.. but software lacks.

The possible evolution is expected only in Software application.

The Greed can be controlled at different levels.

One is the greed of things which the heart compels. It is lowest stage.To control greed first is to control heart desires.

then is the greed of things under control of brain and logic.To control greed, you have to filter the brain desires.

then you have to restrict the brain your logic by submitting your will to Allah.

Now you can judge yourself by answering these questions:

Do you listen to your heart most?

Do you force logic on heart and emotions?

Do you believe in One God that is Allah ?

Akbar, the great Muslim emperor, kept Indian states united. We are at Pakistan have now four provinces only. All wants rights and all say that Punjab is having the maximum resources.

Important thing is to keep unite all of them and do justice. Any one can do that if he can make unprejudiced decisions.

I suggest following things immediately to pakistani nation.

1. Addition of political science in at intermediate level. Tell your childern what is politic and who are politicians.

2. Addition of professional work ethics at intermediate level. Tell them what interegity is, honesty is.

3. Tell people to become president of Pakistan. How to become President of Pakistan.

4. President should be responsible for holding economic growth, education growth, civic growth,social and global growth. Foremost, realizing the whole picture.

5. People we need person who is professionally president.

6. If the share is not fair enough then I m sorry Pakistan is not going to Live Long.

7. The political and economical stability should save it now. Focused Training on education, and industrial sector and their marketing.

8. People do not know where we stand, Tell them now.

started a new blog here at wordpress, about urdu poets and urdu nasr, I know that writing urdu text in urdu is difficult, as we are not used to urdu phonetic keyboard. Plus the mode of communication is more in urdu then in english.

Even the application for banks, school , offices etc are written in english.

In this area, i think we need to produce an enviroment to retain the urdu in our lives. coz if the globalisation carried on, we will need to adopt any one international language and surely can not replace urdu as an international language.

Also, i was thinking that only 35 percent of our people are educated. Rest are not even considered here. That uneducated people has another nichie and has a totally different world of life style.

the gas line was cut, the meter was taken off, we took the bill and the notice and went to the sui nothern office, there were still on the manual systems, poeple use computers and then lock them in cupboard .. funny… Stealing normal in this country…

We approached a person outside , he was very bolstering about himself and was saying that he can do that task .. but he wasted our time, the other guy with me was a retired post head master, he got the a friends reference, that key worked out. All the documentation was done, and all the fee charges were paid.

Now, it has to be someone who should come and actually put the meter in place, and someone to order that to somebody.

The signatory authority was to that Mr. Mian F, The good guy, three of us begged to him, but he said he cant the office is closed. we went off, the post master stayed there, sometime later he joined us too

We set for our prayers, our man told us that he has begged for his white beard, the guy is nice, he promissed me to give the guy to place the meter. and he did.

I m thankful to Allah, that he had given me chance to learn that i still had to understand.


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