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Akbar, the great Muslim emperor, kept Indian states united. We are at Pakistan have now four provinces only. All wants rights and all say that Punjab is having the maximum resources.

Important thing is to keep unite all of them and do justice. Any one can do that if he can make unprejudiced decisions.

I suggest following things immediately to pakistani nation.

1. Addition of political science in at intermediate level. Tell your childern what is politic and who are politicians.

2. Addition of professional work ethics at intermediate level. Tell them what interegity is, honesty is.

3. Tell people to become president of Pakistan. How to become President of Pakistan.

4. President should be responsible for holding economic growth, education growth, civic growth,social and global growth. Foremost, realizing the whole picture.

5. People we need person who is professionally president.

6. If the share is not fair enough then I m sorry Pakistan is not going to Live Long.

7. The political and economical stability should save it now. Focused Training on education, and industrial sector and their marketing.

8. People do not know where we stand, Tell them now.


Step to Guide Foreigners or International  Pakistanis

1. Make the feasibility of your own first.

2.  Add ten percent hidden cost.

3. Add 200 for tea and drinks for the meter man.

4. If you are upright person you will go to Right Way and by the book. Going right way is not recommended.

5. Go to one person make a deal , give total amount in partial terms, like 25% before, 25% on documentation and 50% on completion etc.

6. Going right way will cost you almost three times.


Present conditions shows:

Political De stability. If this continues then It would be the Foremost reason of collapse of Pakistan’s independent nation.

Foreign share rising. This shows higher growth rate, excellent for pakistan to become center of many eyes attention. A positive Sign but If the Focus is lost then oppurtunity is lost.

Higher Education Efforts: A big possibility to generate an education sector here in pakistan and earn income by Government. This could help in making Pakistan a Resource ful region. Especially, “Not to be touched type”, as if major countries has pakistanis employed then that would be a concern to harm Pakistan.

The Stress is on Education, mainly. Skills and technical people.

Pakistan’s People had to understand the economic situation as the textile industry will become flop,  and medium enterprises had to rise. These small efforts can turn a lot ups and down. Probably save something out of nothing.


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