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Choo Mah Dar Arzo Saman Taaban Tui Taban Tui
Rashke Malak Noore Khuda Insaan Tui Insaan Tui

Roshan Ze Rooyat Do Jahan Akse Ruqat Khursheed-o-Maan
Aye Noore Zaate Kibriya Rakhshaan Tui Rakhshaan Tui

Ayat-e-Quran Abroyat Tafseer-e-Quran Gaisuyat
Aye Roo-e-Tou Quran-e-Maan Iman Tui Iman Tui

Ya Mustafa Ya Mujataba Irhamlana Irhamlana
Dast-e-Hamaan Becharara Damaan Tui Damaan Tui

Man Asiyam Man Ajizam Man Bekasam Haal-e-Maraa
Ya Shafe-e-Roze Jaza Pursan Tui Pursan Tui

Jami Ravad Az Chashme Maan Jalwa Numaan Behre Khuda
Jano Dilam Har do Fida Jaana Tui Jaana Tui

– Maulana Jami


and death gives birth to life
as autumn leaves fall
burnished gold and crimson
temptations still call
out to those who have given their word
broken or whole
coherent or slurred
it’s all written down in the script of your life
we still don’t remember
but we still might
and all of your actions will catch up with you
and all those you meet remind you of who
you used to be before this moment arrived
or who you might become if you survive
or they show you a height you can never reach
they teach you something you can never teach
they show you the meaning of possibility
in the face of an imp
put it together and all it is
is a word
expressing an infinite challenge
look at phillip petit
he didn’t lose his balance
how many times do we need to ask
what it feels like to fail
before we can pass
the answer is zero
cause that’s all we are
insignificant sparks
on a gigantic star
little tiny ants
on the face of the planet
alien life forms
taken for granted
by who?
by ourselves, there’s nobody else
we cut ourselves in half
to see how we felt
half we called man
and half we called woman
and we found that it hurts
to be separated
from part of ourselves
and now we are fated
to dance in the infinite flow of awareness
to find a way back
to the oneness of you
keep trying, don’t give up
although it may seem
like at times there is no way
to see through the fog
there is somebody somewhere
who understands
there is somebody somewhere
who can give you a hand
so when you are ready
you know they will be there
you won’t have to try
you’ll already be there
and all of this pain
this stress
and this misery
is just somebody trying to tell you
something you’re not getting
and it may be that you’ll never understand
it doesn’t really matter
isn’t life grand?
even a coward
who dies every day
in a thousand small ways
still has something to say
even an idiot
who was given a gift
of infinite potential
and threw it away
for a moment of power
can dream of redemption
even the homeless
who sleep in the void
and nobody knows them
can offer us shelter
so if you’re ever standing
on the prow of a ship
in the middle of the night
and you stare into the shadow
cast on the ocean
by the light of the moon
as it glances off the boat
and you realize how dark it is
how utterly empty
and you lose yourself
in its terrible infinity
pray that you have a friend
who will come up behind you
and shout in your ear
just to get a reaction
and when you scream in shock
and they laugh
you’ll forget about the shadow
and go to sleep

Persian Poetry with english Translation

Nami danam chi manzil bood shab jaay ki man boodam;
Baharsu raqs-e bismil bood shab jaay ki man boodam.
Pari paikar nigaar-e sarw qadde laala rukhsare;
Sarapa aafat-e dil bood shab jaay ki man boodam.
Khuda khud meer-e majlis bood andar laamakan Khusrau;
Muhammad shamm-e mehfil bood shab jaay ki man boodam.

English Translation poem: ‘Nami Danam che Manzil’

I wonder what was the place where I was last night,
All around me were half-slaughtered victims of love,
tossing about in agony.
There was a nymph-like beloved with cypress-like form
and tulip-like face,
Ruthlessly playing havoc with the hearts of the lovers.
God himself was the master of ceremonies in that heavenly court,
oh Khusrau, where (the face of) the Prophet too was shedding light
like a candle.

This is a “how to” short essay on how to make a tester for a trust worthy person.

Normally, we came across people and we are open to them. they take notice of us in the way, we actually can never do of ourselves. If some of them come closer to us, we may disclose some of our secrets to them , not knowingly what we are doing.

Remember, we are doing this by our reflex or some intution or something based… We are not logically making a decision like that. So before telling your secrets to someone you must device a trustworthness tester.

So lets talk about what not to do first. Don’t lie to him/her. Tell him all about you only trivial things, and some important ones also. Ofcourse you dont want it to look like a drama or       something…

then start telling that the stories you told him/her were all lies. and you are not like this. now start lieing make the stories as worst as possible. If possible, so this after one day atleast.

Nothing new. Make a terrible crime story and tell him/her. give a gap atleast 2 days. then afterwards keep regular meetings and keep making fun of yourself.

Soon you will get the results.


This is an abstract poem/ hyco

mein kitnay dino se

yahan se guzar rha hon

roz tum ko dheekh  rha hon

aaj bhe office mein sab se late   hon

aur ab cateen bhee band hai…

by M Moeen uddin

if you dont understand mail me at 09030023 at lums dot edu dot pk

What is the appearence …? looks good but it actually is not. Analogous to anything, theme, thought, work, task, intention, if looks good, does not mean that it will be good .

Knowledge and its implementation sometimes made you do…  “not good looking things”. but acually they are more beneficial to us.

Allama Iqbal says:

Azadi -e- Afkar say hai un ki Tabhae

Rakhtay nahi jo fikr o tadabbur ka saleeka

hu fikr agar khaam tu azadi-e-fikr

Insaan ko haywaan bananay ka tareeka.

Meaning: Open to discuss can lead you astray and can lead you in wrong path in life. the discussion has a relation with profound thought about the topic. So before discussing openly, we need to process it and self criticise the topic.

TO have your say, or to have your own opinion, is freedom of speech but that has to be in filtered with the proper manner to self thought process.  This means that you should not forget that you are in a community and should not become some individual out of this community.

Freedom of speech could also lead you in some one’s hand who can handle you by manupulating topics around you, and leting you busy in finding your freedom in it.

This tool could be easily used by an enemy, to keep you busy in ordinary things and let him carry to distory you at some other end.

Alas!! we are at this point.

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