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A couple of month ago, we were finely tuned in our production capacity. Everything was improving, rising etc…

Today, every thing is tension ….

Like there is no hope….


Yes, todays news, our factory gas has been disconnected. The gas people come and issued a notice on the spot and cut the meter without any warning.

In this life, every factory owner even a common man is giving directly or indirectly so much money as Rishwat.

Now in ramzan, all offices are closed after 12:30 pm. No Question and no answer!! Please Be Silent. Aaj mein nay roza rakha hai!!! Gas walo nay nahi…!!


I have joined Reet Ready made Garments almost a year ago. Excited though i was, but certainly feeling responsible as well.

Before that I was busy in making my career through the programming and then stepping into the Higher Education like Phd Stuff. My career moral was becoming high day by day because of my boss Sabeen bhai and Gohar bhai. They encouraged me a Lot.

I have learned a lot here till now but still i can tell you what i don’t know. The practical Life is very cruel for everyone except for the Lucky people. Lucky People are those who have someone to guide them, I m lucky.

I started doing Urdu poetry اردو شاعری when I was in tenth class. I have narrated that how it happened.


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