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Issues regarding semantic web application.

1. The size of input text.

2. The text must be well formed.

3. If the lexicon has to built, that could be treated as atomic or complex.

4. The treatment to the text can be divided into semantics, lexicon atoms, grammar and context.

5. The loss of information during translation.

6. A flat layer between two natural language… a language


The problem:

The mail server is being used which is on the linux webserver. The sendmail file is on the webserver using iis, and the mail object is created on this server. When I send mail, gmail accept, yahoo make it spam, and hotmail never reached.

The error code is error ‘8004020f’.

Usually, session.save_path has to be given direct path to the folder you want to store session. Most the server configuration has to be done by the admin. To do this, get the absolute path of your home directory, change it to your temp directory or desired directory…

Or, if you do not want to change the php.ini file manually . you can use init_set to check whether the change is working. If it does… make a  manual change. 🙂


A downloadable exe file link was working till yesterday, until now. now if we try the link it gives 404 error.

I checked the name, path and at local server its working file. ( Anything with server permissions.)

Also, I was shifting my server files to a new version of Vdeck control panel, the mirror site has the same link, on same page WORKIng.

Suddenly all exe downloads are not working. (virus?? possible or not..)

Can any one guide or hint where to go?

All zips are working fine and downloadables…

Please Reply ASAP.



The maintained costs of the software increases as we rise to enterprise level. The ideas conceived at the Requirement Specification could cause any type of software team to turn up side down, only to meet the clients’ demand.

The things should be taken as much flat as it could be, it is the only solution to create a highly innovative and unmatched software.

The scope of software makes it big or small software. How well integrated and connected are the component and how much simple is the software.

The documentation could make it very very easy to maintain the product at any level, along with the voice data possible.

The Data Flow Diagram could help in changing or modifying the architecture.

If you need more to know, Please Ask/comment.


I come up with the idea of promoting the talent of poets who are young and are unknown, plus they do not get the feedback or responce to their poetry, as they should be getting. I made aliphbay.

Now, its guest book is full of Viagra links :).

Here, I had to read about the marketing stuff on the google and had to find out what the best practise should be. I think internet is the media which is mostly being utilised for the negative growht of the societies, reason being , the internet was a way to share documents, researches, technology and stuff that is tchnical oreinted.

But for the common man, this is not it is all about. Its about fun, entertainment, games, for comunication, chatting etc.

Marketing has ethics— if you follow them, they show your attitude toward your job.

I find some interesting stuff so want to share with you.

Email marketing works, but be careful Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects online. It can also be effective as a direct-marketing device. My advice to B2B marketers, in most cases, do not rent email lists, build your own. Do not rent out your list. Never spam, under any circumstances. Let email subscribers know in advance how often you will send messages and what type of content they can expect. Make messages as targeted as possible; relevancy keeps people listening.

Make your site an information resource for its target markets. Becoming a trusted resource of high quality information for your customers is of tremendous value to your business, in addition, it can help win your company free press and word-of-mouth/mouse.

Quality of content is also very important. Infact, the content on internet should be highly reliable. The information you are providing to your customer should be confirmed and authenticated. Every news /views should not be just for your amusement only, You must take it very seriously.

Every consumer directed to your site, who is not the target audience should get the impression like ’emm, this is a nice site for this…  ‘.


the gas line was cut, the meter was taken off, we took the bill and the notice and went to the sui nothern office, there were still on the manual systems, poeple use computers and then lock them in cupboard .. funny… Stealing normal in this country…

We approached a person outside , he was very bolstering about himself and was saying that he can do that task .. but he wasted our time, the other guy with me was a retired post head master, he got the a friends reference, that key worked out. All the documentation was done, and all the fee charges were paid.

Now, it has to be someone who should come and actually put the meter in place, and someone to order that to somebody.

The signatory authority was to that Mr. Mian F, The good guy, three of us begged to him, but he said he cant the office is closed. we went off, the post master stayed there, sometime later he joined us too

We set for our prayers, our man told us that he has begged for his white beard, the guy is nice, he promissed me to give the guy to place the meter. and he did.

I m thankful to Allah, that he had given me chance to learn that i still had to understand.


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