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A downloadable exe file link was working till yesterday, until now. now if we try the link it gives 404 error.

I checked the name, path and at local server its working file. ( Anything with server permissions.)

Also, I was shifting my server files to a new version of Vdeck control panel, the mirror site has the same link, on same page WORKIng.

Suddenly all exe downloads are not working. (virus?? possible or not..)

Can any one guide or hint where to go?

All zips are working fine and downloadables…

Please Reply ASAP.




The maintained costs of the software increases as we rise to enterprise level. The ideas conceived at the Requirement Specification could cause any type of software team to turn up side down, only to meet the clients’ demand.

The things should be taken as much flat as it could be, it is the only solution to create a highly innovative and unmatched software.

The scope of software makes it big or small software. How well integrated and connected are the component and how much simple is the software.

The documentation could make it very very easy to maintain the product at any level, along with the voice data possible.

The Data Flow Diagram could help in changing or modifying the architecture.

If you need more to know, Please Ask/comment.

Its funny or strange, but i have visited some other blog to see what others are writing.

They are writing what they are thinking , what they are feeling, and what is the stuff happening around them.

I dropped few comments about their posts, they never replied, as if they do not like any interfernce in their privacy.

Blogging has become outward activity, its not like an private diary. We are shareing what we are thinking, If someone likes or dislike atleast WE CAN ANSWER him/her back.

All the people in my blog roll, i dont know personaly anyone of them. I put them on my blogroll, they never responded. I think they should cos its not about reading each others blog only.

Please See the boarder Spectrum!!

Anyone who’s, English Quality standard does not Pass me, Should comment.

started a new blog here at wordpress, about urdu poets and urdu nasr, I know that writing urdu text in urdu is difficult, as we are not used to urdu phonetic keyboard. Plus the mode of communication is more in urdu then in english.

Even the application for banks, school , offices etc are written in english.

In this area, i think we need to produce an enviroment to retain the urdu in our lives. coz if the globalisation carried on, we will need to adopt any one international language and surely can not replace urdu as an international language.

Also, i was thinking that only 35 percent of our people are educated. Rest are not even considered here. That uneducated people has another nichie and has a totally different world of life style.


I come up with the idea of promoting the talent of poets who are young and are unknown, plus they do not get the feedback or responce to their poetry, as they should be getting. I made aliphbay.

Now, its guest book is full of Viagra links :).

Here, I had to read about the marketing stuff on the google and had to find out what the best practise should be. I think internet is the media which is mostly being utilised for the negative growht of the societies, reason being , the internet was a way to share documents, researches, technology and stuff that is tchnical oreinted.

But for the common man, this is not it is all about. Its about fun, entertainment, games, for comunication, chatting etc.

Marketing has ethics— if you follow them, they show your attitude toward your job.

I find some interesting stuff so want to share with you.

Email marketing works, but be careful Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects online. It can also be effective as a direct-marketing device. My advice to B2B marketers, in most cases, do not rent email lists, build your own. Do not rent out your list. Never spam, under any circumstances. Let email subscribers know in advance how often you will send messages and what type of content they can expect. Make messages as targeted as possible; relevancy keeps people listening.

Make your site an information resource for its target markets. Becoming a trusted resource of high quality information for your customers is of tremendous value to your business, in addition, it can help win your company free press and word-of-mouth/mouse.

Quality of content is also very important. Infact, the content on internet should be highly reliable. The information you are providing to your customer should be confirmed and authenticated. Every news /views should not be just for your amusement only, You must take it very seriously.

Every consumer directed to your site, who is not the target audience should get the impression like ’emm, this is a nice site for this…  ‘.


I had been thinking that what is the best in this life i can do… after many years of profound thinking and observation, i find it that i should do the thing which i like most and i have the ability to do it. Rest was like that…

I was in matric when i started doing poetry in some holy mehfil, where the first verses i write were in English. I myself was in pleasant surprise that how can i say something in English… ( my English was very poor, n i used to get slaps on face by teachers. ) .

From the start i was a quite type of boy, busy in his things, type. So my expressions were not so clear as a normal child has. due to this i have developed some specialties and lack some normalities!!

If you go through my verses/ poetry , you will find it convoluted and complex. In urdu it is said, shuaq e yar e man dushwaar angaiz :~: Bohut asaan hai, kia kiya jae .

The concept was to made those people who are talented however small they are, to let them express their self, to feel free and enjoy the talent they had. this could be good for those people who hate ‘talking poetry’ and about ‘poetry people’.

Even on the later stages, i will try to support new upcoming talent through Aliphbay Circle of young Poets.

For friends and people who know me, can support me in my this effort. i will appreciate that very much.

SEOs widely agree that the signals that influence a page’s rankings include:[11]

  1. Keywords in the title tag.
  2. Keywords in links pointing to the page.
  3. Keywords appearing in visible text.
  4. Link popularity.
  5. (PageRank for Google) of the page.
  6. Keywords in Heading Tag H1,H2 and H3 Tags in webpage.
  7. Linking from one page to inner pages.
  8. Placing punch line at the top of page
  9. Text within the title tag
  10. Domain name
  11. URL directories and file names
  12. HTML tags: headings, emphasized (<em>) and strongly emphasized (<strong>) text
  13. Term frequency, both in the document and globally, often misunderstood and mistakenly referred to as Keyword density
  14. Keyword proximity
  15. Keyword adjacency
  16. Keyword sequence
  17. Alt attributes for images
  18. Text within NOFRAMES tags
  19. Web content development
  20. Sitemaps

Refrence: wikipedia

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