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I have interest in research and developement. final project was in speaker recognitions, have done some work in A.I.Love to create original things— from the scratch. and the biggest problem i had i think most times about “systems” whatever i observe running around me. Thats my fuel and is keeping me alive–and keeping me in drive, a craze to search who am i and what i am doing in this system, what i suppose to do with my existence. and what not what not..hmmm…well, professionally thats me. if you like the way i kick, lets then finish the ball into goal, well if not, i may b insane pak-dude


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Interesting personality!!!
Nice to know about you Pak-dude 🙂
Writer of this comment shares your thoughts regarding “systems” 🙂

So you ‘ve rejected my comment ” total ka total” 😛

Ghazal —-by Shehla Siddiqui

Aatish e ishq me ushaq busey jathey hen
kithney aaram se sholon me jiye jathey hen
kabhi dekhen hen therey naam pe murney waley?
mun andhrerey he se sooli pe charhey jathey hen
theri soorath jo nigahon me busa rukhi hae
ashk ankhon se nehee dil se behey jathey hen
hasrathen therey usoolon pe jo neelam huen
dil k sodey hen ye nuqsan kiye jathey hen
koi lumha na theri yaad se khali guzra
meri faryaad k umbar lagey jathey hen
shab e furqath k wo paley shab e hijran k khayal
pa be zanjeer ghum e doran ko keye jathey hen
thu na pehchan saka ishq me mera ruthba
mae busi hun jehan jibreel rukey jathey hen

NAZM—–by Shehla Siddiqui


Dil me hotha wo tho mumkin tha nikal bhee jatha
kehen par thee tho mae bhool bhee sakthi thee osey
ab tho wo shakhs bohath door thalak hae mujh me
reshey reshey me merey jism k pewasth hua
rooh k mehlool me ek rang leye phirtha hae
dil me hotha wo tho mumkin tha nikal bhee jatha
meri hasthi k wo kono me dabak jatha hae
dam ghut tha hae or sans okhar jathi hae
sama barsath ka bun kar meri ankhon me rehey
meri muskan bhee os ki he wajah se mumkin
lab o rukhsar ki rangath me ayan rehtha hae
kehen par thee tho bhool bhee sakthi thee osey
merey jeeney ki wajha os ki wo manoos ada
khud samandar hae or ank ka pani ponchey
dheemey lehjey me wo qurbath k thuqazey kur na
kya kehon kya na kehon ye mujhey maloom nehe
ab tho wo shakhs bohath door thalak hae mujh me
dil me hotha wo tho mumkin tha nikal bhee jatha.

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Well, inspired by Matrix and the SYSTEM it feels….I think I can resonate with the description (minus the System) but in a different perspective

Well, I used to think like since my 10th grade. You can say, matrix gave me “words” to my thinking. Still, matrix is just a triology, and I m still thinking.

Infact, matrix is just another view to look at the system. I have my own three views. Each is distinct. I believe if i carried out, i will inshaAllah do quite Good.


I am not sure if you were speaking English, lol but might like to read your 3 Distinct Views sometime…

well, its fun for you. you dont deserve. keep exploring….

Fun??? Wrong interpretation….

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