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Posted on: November 23, 2015

We see there are very small behaviors which are depicted in our society. Like people helping each other in trouble and supporting those who are unknown passing by the roads. People making queue for tickets, people traveling by buses. We see a lot of such interaction among different social classes such as when rich are buying groceries and when middle class is buying their stuff. When see each other and make opinion about what they see others do. People like me observing and tagging certain behaviors, putting them in separate boxes and then building theories on those observations.

People used to travel a lot in past days and spend a great deal of time in certain countries to just know and understand new culture behavior of host nations. From language understanding to how rituals and various ethics are build around human emotions. It was all about humans and getting to know of them.

So why now, we do not put time and effort to understand what is a nation about? In global village, which tribe is doing what and saying what? We are clearly not doing it. Why? there may be a whole bunch of reasons to it. But bottom line, a passive-progressive approach to understand humans for another tribe… not possible…

I see a movie here, and it describes around a plot few characters who belong to a certain society which i know a little. By knowing i mean, i just know some statements like “X is 6th largest metro city in world” and not really imagine how is it to live there, what are the social anxiety factors a normal person is having and how difficult is the misery if a person loses or gains something in that part of world.

It is simple, but its not simple if you see from the preconceived ideas. How, if media tells you anything happening in one part of city, that depends on how media is raising an issue, and that escalation can go far beyond the normal understanding of media manager.

…and things go wrong there.

Now we can figure out how to solve this mess.

Thanks to i love chile!!! Social Dynamics are evolving and they will keep changing as human grow to the best of matter can achieve… a selfie!!

I can write solution here right now, but for the readers with so many backgrounds i need to clear things, put arguments in front of them, so that they can understand me and my background or judge me with all their capacity. I am talking about intelligent people, people who are wise sharp and good sharp. 🙂

I have always been thinking like someone who has just one way of life. one point of view, and i am a person who if had been told that moon is red i would believed it right then and there. And it happened all my life, moon was red, blue, pink, and i did not use my brain to process it why it is blue and why not its black? and at this point, being Asian, i am dragging too much for you. Sorry. You need to understand the culture and all.

So, i was dumb person. But naturally i build my own point of view, strangely connecting things and figuring it out that something is wrong, and someone is lying about moon being red.  Took me 27 years to get there. A lot of pain and misery, a plethora of experience facing individuals who bullied and made fun of me. I was martian, not from this world, a unique way of thinking, a very unique learning experience.

I can not even say a unique, because there are things which people share like air but few people see the freshness, few take boredom out of it…I think i should say its how i express it, (they are very bad events as well).



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