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Reasons to live

Posted on: April 5, 2009

At this point, I just did what i wanted to do. or maybe is what is happening around me… and i m pasing through it.Some time very directed with a sudden dead End Then a search for some light of hope..and stuf.. ya..

Life is no long it tends to proceeds to an end soon, and sometimes, it just seems to be just not enough to spend on…

I m a kind of person who learns by him, he does mistakes of his own, and never learns form an easy learning.

Other thing is, I love all things and hate other than all. So it is always a problem to choose.

One other, of a kind, is knowledge brings me awareness of myself in a society, n everything. I see People in my field still look at the face of the things.. how they really.. and what they actually… doest matter to them at all.

Love is for me does not exists in any form, if you truly ask me. and we are totally incapable of holding the precious thing like ‘love’. All its fun. Keep running and keep doing. always as how what and when you want.

I have fears lots of them, I felt guilty lot of lots times. No its not shame full. and i m proud of it. Alhumdullilah. I feel the pain, when i do something wrong. Normaly, people dont consider this feeling. I m unique ..i feel… I dont follow others as its the norm.

If i m following you, i m following becuase you are right. You changed, and you lost me.

I fear Allah , I have to give him answers one day, about this life. What i did, n what i didnt…. This is fear makes me to utter…. Rabana Zalamna….

I pray to Allah, for the life which is left, I left on Allah. I m finding no words to express.

At times, i m so faithless, and proud, that… if i m a other person …. I will broke my skull…

The intensity of pain ,love is dripping from my feelings, and the choice of words, they are just like… literally translated…. but i feel its ok.

So, Its time now to pack your bag and run back to home. Whats done, is done.

By saying all this, Do you find a difficult person, and strange enough to talk to. How ever, i m not. All what i do is care of everything around me.

Yara, dude its very… sexy world after… you dont have..worry… I wont let you blown away if you come to me…

In the End, I thank Allah for what he has made me, and He has given me….. and I love Him, as He is Allah, my Allah.

… rest will follow. n sorry for others


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