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I had it enough…

Posted on: December 9, 2008

Its not about what you want, not really about how you want it.. and neither about.. you want it or not…
Thats life is…!!!
Well, My dear, its a dhooka what you see. and you must see what coming behind it, which actually you can not see. What you see is limited, what ever you do is limited.
Now never think, no one’s above you. No one is on the top, and no one is there to beat you, then and there.
The problem is that a human is like a sponge. Its good because it can retain and relieve liquious things, the bad: it has holes everywhere. Now the thing is when it store something, the holes are not there. and if you start pushing, it start weeping.
This is a trail of GOOD and BAD. You are not going to get rid of it. Does not matter you understand or not. you are part of it, cant just escape.


3 Responses to "I had it enough…"

We are running on the time line, the things i do now, can not be un done, i could eraze or rub it for you..for the coming people not to see but.. thats..over specifically.. i did rub what i had done in some time x after time y.
In world of chaos, one must be thinking what to do and what to not do. Actually , i have an Answer for that as well now.
Stick to the right, you fell,you lost your focus, you are unable to see, unable to focus, hidden by Some external force or what ever. Stick to it. The Right Way.
Keep trying the focus. Keep begging for it. Sell your soul for it. Nothing more important than that.
However it is good, it can not happen unless He wants. However it is Worst, you can not stop untill He wants so.

Love… and have a safe journey.

Mr Moeen, good but not impressive.Any ways continue your efforts for urdu Language and poetry. We have 2 new books for you:-) at crulp but you ran away??. kidding.

Ya.. lolz..that was not the reason, what was actully you can ask ms. Madiha.
I would love to work for urdu, but since my urdu is not up to the standard, so individually, i can not do more in it.
Its good to hear from you, atleast someone remember me..where i worked.

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