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A new nazm by moeen

Posted on: July 18, 2008

asiay he..
guzartay howe..
tehar gaya..
kia khayal hai?
kidr jana hai…?
kuch lag rha hai..
k kuch dekha dekha sa hai
ye rahi hum manzil tu nhi..
nhi… tu phir chalo moeen…
loat chalian
ghar ko apnay…
bohut sham hoi
maa’ ki ankhien rasta…
tak rhi hon ge…
chalo g


2 Responses to "A new nazm by moeen"

Tooti hui mundair pe nanha sa ik diya……
Mausam sey keh raha hai aandhi chala k daikh
good poetry but if its your own then you need to seek knowledge on urdu poetry.

Thanks for the appreciatation… and i believe that it was an unedited version of the amaad, which wrote on line.. i mean the amaad direct online.
and more now, i believe, that being poet gives me a medium to express myself, so i dont care, the rabt, n stuff. Majorly i m inspired from Ghalib n Iqbal, coz they are the visionaries… the global thinker, having meaningful targets, and i do agree, that i actually can not competite to an actually poet who has love for urdu. i do poetry coz its my mother tonuge and my way of expression.

I will try to work on my urdu as well. if had time. Thanks.

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