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Larkiyo ko depressed log pasand hotay han?

Posted on: June 14, 2008

When you are e depressed., What are you going to doo. Talk about to someone, Friend girl F…

Very few people comes in to help in the time of need. ‘the time of need’ is probably the depression time.

Talk it out… Dont try to escape… ESCAPE.. to your favourite place, friend.. if it is pre-occupied then, Go to bus stop and drop numbers to people to talk….

You see, Larki agr aap ko depression say nikaal sakti hai.. tu meri taraf say Dash Dash..

Zada khana khaya ja sakta hai… Roya ja sakta hai…..

Excerise is good…. Nahaya ja sakta hai…. 🙂

Yar… if you always look depressed tu larkiyain aap ko shaid pasand na karien, kyun k un nay khud kafi rona hota hai, aap un ki jaga mal laytay ho!!! lolz…

Dua: Allah tera bohut karam hai, aur shukar hai, k tu nay mujhay iss kabil banaya, k ro-un tu tuj ko yaad kron, Hasson tu tera shukar ada kron…



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