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I m Depressed ? Are you too?

Posted on: June 14, 2008

People get depressed very often. I m also depressed and writing this account.

Failure in anything or many small failures can accumalate and force you to think the stupid things you will never think if you are in your senses.

0302-8546561 khawar bhai ka number….

I dont have job… my kids are not good. my kid  is not dooing what others are doing… how will i get married.. How am i gona adjust in pakistan… Ye mein kidr a gai hon… Kia depressing loog han… meray pass nai car hai tumharay pass kia hai? mein kis kadr Bongi hon… Meray complexion fair kyun nahi…

Jab bhee aap Khush hon… Allah say dua karien… K jab bhee aap depress hon, aap ko sirf wohi yaad aye, aur wohi aap ko depression say… nikaal day ga…

Insaan ki khuahish hoti hai jo puri ho gai tu ballay ballay nahi tu, Sari duniya Bhaar mein jai.

Life ik game hai.. iss mein goal krna parta hai tu khana bhee parta hai…

Koe insaan bhee abnormal nahi hota, sab normal or balanced paida kiya gai han. Sirf jis context mein ik insaan ko compare kiya jata hai, wo ghalat hoti hai. Ye context Sirf Allah janta hai.

We can not judge it. Certainly not.

So Live your life with aim to do, what you want to do, as long as its good and positive for you and humanity.

with love



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