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A new vision needed

Posted on: September 27, 2007

Computer Science is facing diversification in the field of human context. Bio technology is one of the example. A lot of information is available to be processed for a computer to become intelligent enough to feel like human.

A useless dream to follow, as it seems quite impossible to create a machine having no bug. To err is human, they say , and the creation by this human may become faulty, is also an error, but logically the creator is himself error prone. The Point is that we have to change the vision, the way of thinking to progress our studies, researches in computer science.

A different angle is needed. For example, I want a A I robot doctor, who can prescribe me some medicine on my health review. We start making data pool, analyze the environment, writes the rule for the human computer interaction…. and so on… I dont believe in this . this method of viewing the problem is very static, very dull and very lengthy.

Neural Networks is another good idea. Think as if you are neuron.. and so…

Ultimately our target creation has to be more limited (human age), more complex (human mind body) and inferior to human logic and senses. Actually the inspiration to make a human like thing is also seen behind cloning concept.

However, Surgery has been a better field in terms of result to implement human creation into biotechnology thing. This is in fact not a creation but a little modification is all we do here. e.g Face lift, nose lift etc…

Computer scince people need the philosopher to think a new idea or method of thinking to make a new generation of computers to rise.

The next level of computer science depends on the software only. The telecommunication is going good. The computing and processing power of average computer used has rised. but its the software that has to run on the hardware. Its the data about software that has to be passed on while communication.

In short, We need an Einstein, for explaining three laws of computer science.


2 Responses to "A new vision needed"

I m reading about the oracle machine now a days. I see that we are moving towards making machine our competitor, our friend, another entity as complex we are, as intelligent as we are. with the question whether its good or bad to think in this way, I m sure that human has natural inclination to ask questions, to inquire things or events, unstopable thing it is.
We are revolving about the question ‘How can i guess whats next, without having predictive data’. It rains all over the world but we have build weather forecasting.
Still computer science faceses unsolveable questions, and the scientist are trying to make the methods to solve these questions or problems. I believe that its the intutiion that gives a scientist ability to look in a new way, in different angel or perspective. Its the vision of the right answer, if any one get to know it, he can make the tools to carry out what he has seen.
P=NP only can solve many things, if i m not wrong it can help in a whole new generation of world,super computers to dominant by solving very simple and stupid questions.
The logic behind the programing is of humans. the limitation of time and space bound to work on a problem for the computers. We are providing data by building the knowledge base, making rules to make computers ‘look’ thinking.
Its the believe that is the answer, at some point we have to believe that ‘there is some answer…’ or sometimes,’It seems this is the answer…’. As soon our believe dissloves, we again start thinking, and beleiving some other propositions.
Einstein and newton did great inventions. But it was all about matter. Apollo and all, work through the philosophies and created new vision of different things.
Apparently, I feel we are following the wrong way. The vision is not correct. It should be changed altogether as we will become people gathering data and information as much as possible for a computer to think intelligent,look and interact as we do.If it happens, it will become quite boring and dull.

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