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Why dont people post comments?

Posted on: September 23, 2007

Its funny or strange, but i have visited some other blog to see what others are writing.

They are writing what they are thinking , what they are feeling, and what is the stuff happening around them.

I dropped few comments about their posts, they never replied, as if they do not like any interfernce in their privacy.

Blogging has become outward activity, its not like an private diary. We are shareing what we are thinking, If someone likes or dislike atleast WE CAN ANSWER him/her back.

All the people in my blog roll, i dont know personaly anyone of them. I put them on my blogroll, they never responded. I think they should cos its not about reading each others blog only.

Please See the boarder Spectrum!!

Anyone who’s, English Quality standard does not Pass me, Should comment.


19 Responses to "Why dont people post comments?"

I came across you blog because you had “urdu poetry” tagged … it doesn’t make much sense because if you’re gonna take the time to read something, you might as well acknowledge you’ve visited and make someone feel as though their opinions – if not matter, then at least are being received into a wider audience than they may realise!

but yeah, you’re right… it’s just courteous to at least acknowledge you have read the comment – it took effort [if not much] to write it!

I liked reading your “jab bhee milay” ghazal – it IS a ghazal, right? … what does “itazaar” mean? – is it the same as intezaar (waiting) … and “taira”?

I write English poetry – have written a poem influenced by Faiz’s “Dasht-e-Tanhai..” , if you’d like to read it..
[the urdu gets messed up in Internet Explorer for some reason… you’re using Firefox it should be fine!]

i liked the issue that u raised saying that there are alot of people who are not replying to the comments when they get it, what i think, there may be two reasons for this. one is that they dont like your comments and dont want to waster their time in talking about things on which they will not agree with u in any case.

Secondly that they dont read it, or they delays the reply and then forgets.

Dear rizvi,

You are right. I read one of the blog which belongs to a phd doctor, and she is i think a social worker type…, But her way of telling people her feelings was very rude.

The attitude for blog writing is becoming like “Its my private thing but to just let you know, otherwise i dam care what you think…”

People do posts, which are really useful, like techincal post etc. But reading what were you doing on the other day? who wants to know that. (I mean if you are really busy…)

I would love to comment on your blog but sachi mujey nahi samjh aati aap ki “technical” posts 😦 Aur wysey bhi ub aap shaid es blog pae regularly post krna shoro hoye ho …Ub dekhna zara bachoo 😛

Han, Sure yar… but dheekho… meri Bezti na krna… Wo bhee Online..

Technical posts ..actual mein .. they are flukes, my dumb-headness, When i dont get anything, i write it. k ‘ye samj nahi aya’

Lovely, is’nt it. lolz

And Sorry i should be reading your bolg too, but when i visited some months ago, acouple of time, mujhay acha laga but a little digressive for me… WHY? ab kis tarah batao… Post lambi ho jae gee..


Ok yar!!

and… OYE mera Lums ka test hai… DUA krna!!!


Kon c DUA…

Allah Lums walo ko Aqal day… Lolz

People use to write their thoughts..but after they come up with the problem they use to ignore the responses coming from their blog>>
this is my first blog 🙂

I like the way you people are sharing your problems and enjoying each others company!! i will be a part of as well
Thanks moeen for telling me about this blog!!and let c!! how will be able to understand me

kub ki main ne aap ki bizti haan???…main tu aap ko unnecessary respect deti hon :p

Dekho mujey jo marzi keh lo myrey blog ko kuch matt kehna …my blog is my frnd aur main apni tu bizto burdasht kar laeti hon but apney frndz ki nahi 🙂

Wysaey jo bhi bolna ho khul k bola karo chahey post lambi hee kion naa ho jaye..aakhir hum blogging kartey kis liye hain 😉

LUMS hahahahaha……ok Allah aap ko har woh cheez dae jo aap chahtey ho 🙂

Ub myra blog visit karo gae naa????????????????????????????

Take care


I drop my comments sometime when I like an article

BTW, thanks

Aakhirash dil ne hi kamaal kiyaa
Uski aankhon men inteqaal kiyaa

Meri khush fahmiyaan hi mujrim hain
Tu ne kab mujh ko paayamaal kiyaa

Bhul saktaa thaa main tujhe lekin
Ghairat e ishq ka khyaal kiyaa

Aadmi, per, saanp, sher, kunwaan
Hi chuhon ne phir wabaal kiyaa

Aane waali ruton se khauf aaye
Pichhli rut ne bhi paayamaal kiyaa

(Ghalib Ayaz)

If you write something that your readers really love, they would obviously want to comment but thing is, in our community people are more interested in funny pictures, sms messages, multimedia clips etc. They don’t care about serious things really.

Internet has entered in crusial time period, where people had to visit so many website and they seldome get engough time to write anything. Interest is there, But interest in the same thing has expired. That’s why people don’t like to write much.

Hope you got my point !

Agreed!!.. ya it seems a time will come when if we wanted to travel the world… we will register in some site… and go through virtual traveling…

Virtual traveling?? Are you waiting for that time? I guess people became lazy due to internet. They wait for a new website but do not even try to move from one place to the other place. Be a man like Iqbal’s Mard-e- Moumin.
نہیں اقبال ناامید اپنی کشتِ ویراں سے
ذرا نم ہو تو یہ مٹی بڑی زرخیز ہے ساقی

Bahte daryaa men utar jana tha.
Khaak the aur bikhar jana tha.

Us se bichhre to zamaanaa beeta
Ab talak zakhm ko bhar jana tha.

Maan letaa hun tujhe hi manzil!!
Ab kahaan yaad kidhar jana t ha.

Hausle ham ne bachakar rakkhe
Jab hamen had se guzar jana tha.

Jaan !!! is hijr pe ronaa kaisa!!!
Ek din yun bhi to mar jana tha.

by: Ghalib Ayaz

Khuda ka shukr mujhe besh-az-gumaan mila
Tumhare reshmi aanchal ka saayabaan mila.

Na jaane mujh men samaayi thin hijraten kitni
Tumhare lams se mujh ko mera makaan mila.

Khuda ne humpe haden kitni bandh rakhkhi hain
Hisaar e jism se nikle to aasmaan mila !!

Hum uske jabr ka qissaa sunaate kis kis ko
Yahaan to jo bhi milaa, uska hamzaban mila.

Hikayaten thin meri raaviyon ke narghe men
Phir uske baad jahaan mujh se bad gumaan mila

Suna hai shahr ki buniyaad usne daali thi
Jo shakhs kal meri basti me be amaan mila.

Ye shayeri mujhe maqdur bhar mili hi nahin
Magar abhi bhi koi le to mujh se taan mila.

by: Ghalib Ayaz

Abke ye ehteyaat bhi kar jaanaa chaahiye !!!
Andhi se qabl khud hi bikhar jaanaa chaahiye

Haan jab mujhe jamood ki tohmat hi mil gayi
To dil se bhi khayaal e safar jaanaa chaahiye

Sab raaste hisaar ke jangal me qaid hain !!!!
Kiya faisla karen k kidhar jaanaa chaahiiye !

Rahzan to sab kamaayaa jua maal le gaye
Ab sirf jaan leke na ghar jaanaa chaahiye !

Karte hain be sabab hi khataayen ma’aaf jo
Aise “khata ma’aaf” se dar jaanaa chaahiye

Kuchh faisle to honge mere ikhtiyaar ke !!!!
Aankhon se ye ghelaaf utar jaanaa chahiye

Jab mere paas us ke liye chhat talak nahi !
Ae uski aarzoo, tujhe mar jaanaa chaahiye

by: Ghalib Ayaz

Bas tere liye udaas aankhen !!!!
uff! maslehat nashanaas aankhen

Be noor hui hian dheere dheere
Aayi nahi mujh ko raas aankhen!

Aakhir ko gaya wo – kaash rukta
Karti rahin iltemaas aankhen!!

Khaabeeda haqiqaton ki maari
Paamaal aur bad hawaas aankhen

Dar pesh junu.n ka marhala, aur
Faqa hai badan to pyas aankhen

By :: Ghalib Ayaz

it goes like this infact…

Nahi Na Ummeed Iqbal Apni Kisht-e-Veeran Se…
Zara Nam Ho To Yeh Matti Bari Zarkhez Hai Saki…


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