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Urdu poets and Essays

Posted on: September 20, 2007

started a new blog here at wordpress, about urdu poets and urdu nasr, I know that writing urdu text in urdu is difficult, as we are not used to urdu phonetic keyboard. Plus the mode of communication is more in urdu then in english.

Even the application for banks, school , offices etc are written in english.

In this area, i think we need to produce an enviroment to retain the urdu in our lives. coz if the globalisation carried on, we will need to adopt any one international language and surely can not replace urdu as an international language.

Also, i was thinking that only 35 percent of our people are educated. Rest are not even considered here. That uneducated people has another nichie and has a totally different world of life style.


16 Responses to "Urdu poets and Essays"

Kabhee thumhen gar mae yaad aaon
tho mah e thaban ki chandni me
chamakthi boondon ko dek lena
agar tapak kur ye phoot jaen
tho jan lena k merey dil ka hae ek tukra
bikhar k thum ko bula reha hae
kabhee thumhen gar mae yaad aaon
tho in fizaon me dhoond lena
wo meri khushboo
thumhari qurbath se mae ne pai thee
osi khushboo me mae milon gee
barishon ki bond ko thum
labon pe apney jazb kurna
k in me mera uks jhalkey
tho dek lena meri soorath
kabhee thumhen gar mae yaad aaon
tho ani dharkan ko mehev ho kur
sun sako tho zaroor sunna
wahen busi hun mae dharkano ki thal bun kur
wehen milon gee jab thalak thum sans lo ge
thumhari sanso k sath mae bhee qadam mila kar chala kuron gee
lamha bhar ko na chor pao
tho band lena nazr ki dori se merey dil ko
kabhee thumhen gar mae yaad aaon
dua kurna
thumharey kushkol e dasth me jo
ashk tapka hae me pinhan hun os tharap me

Mr Moeen!Being an urdu poet and writer i suggest you that please continue your efforts on Urdu Language and literature. You Know One said” People keep alive the dead languages” But here in Pakistan we are trying to finish our language. We prefer english language instead of urdu. Because we are complexed people in fact. is’nt it?

yes that’s the irony. What more i can do? please Also suggest that, expect typing a book lolz… the ground realities are very horrible infact. if you have any idea’s do mail me that, i will think over it.

Actually i was searching on Ghalib for my new artical. As you know 27th Dec Ghalib’s day. Suddenly i found your essay on Ghalib with your tiny mini picture. i was shocking but good. Any ways i will continue my comments(insha Allah). But how can i send an email with my precious suggestion:-)? or a post?

Well.. thats what.. i was thinking how come some one actually remmeber me there? lolz .. Khair.. no force on you to give your suggestions…. But if there is some then please do. 😀 Would love to see on it.
Well, what can i say… I like ghalib… i have my own reason of his character… other what is in books…
and if you have some blog too then do tell me, if not, you can share this blog with me, i mean i can make you an author of this blog, start writing etc.. Thanks anyways, coming by and stopping, commenting!!

plz help me. i`m serching for urdu essays for the preparation of exams.

plzzz plzz help me.i serching for urdu essay on science oar islam)plzz tell me zaror

hm b ye he kuch dond rhay hain agr kuch mila to btana.

Urdu Essays are in demand. Do you people have some assignments on this?

salam i wanted urdu essays i am trying pls can u send the essays in urdu language by e-mail the topics are the following:-
1) kitab ek behtreen sathi hai
2) khaloan ki ehmiat (importance of sports)
3) ek misali talib-e-ilm
pls can u send urgent before tuesday pls i will be very thankful

mujhe kuch urdu ke essay topics ki zarurat hai

plz snd me a speech on topic “hmari ikhlaqi pasti ki zumedar hmari bad deanti hai” in urdu language

mjhe aik mazmoon ki zarurat he topic he misali tlib-e- ilm

Internet pe aisa koye side nahi hai, jis pe complete Urdu Essays Ho, Google Dhoka karta hai, Galat Websites Nikaltay hian ssearching mai, and time waste krta hai, Students ks, Bakwas Hai, Google, and other sites,

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