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Internet Marketing— WAJA?

Posted on: September 20, 2007


I come up with the idea of promoting the talent of poets who are young and are unknown, plus they do not get the feedback or responce to their poetry, as they should be getting. I made aliphbay.

Now, its guest book is full of Viagra links :).

Here, I had to read about the marketing stuff on the google and had to find out what the best practise should be. I think internet is the media which is mostly being utilised for the negative growht of the societies, reason being , the internet was a way to share documents, researches, technology and stuff that is tchnical oreinted.

But for the common man, this is not it is all about. Its about fun, entertainment, games, for comunication, chatting etc.

Marketing has ethics— if you follow them, they show your attitude toward your job.

I find some interesting stuff so want to share with you.

Email marketing works, but be careful Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects online. It can also be effective as a direct-marketing device. My advice to B2B marketers, in most cases, do not rent email lists, build your own. Do not rent out your list. Never spam, under any circumstances. Let email subscribers know in advance how often you will send messages and what type of content they can expect. Make messages as targeted as possible; relevancy keeps people listening.

Make your site an information resource for its target markets. Becoming a trusted resource of high quality information for your customers is of tremendous value to your business, in addition, it can help win your company free press and word-of-mouth/mouse.

Quality of content is also very important. Infact, the content on internet should be highly reliable. The information you are providing to your customer should be confirmed and authenticated. Every news /views should not be just for your amusement only, You must take it very seriously.

Every consumer directed to your site, who is not the target audience should get the impression like ’emm, this is a nice site for this…  ‘.



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