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بیوی یا گاڑی—جس کی یاری ُاسکی سواری

Posted on: September 13, 2007

Today the day was good, I thought that when i came out of my home. but it was not so. My car’s tyre got brusted a few miles form my home. 11 am , No one was there to help us, since we checked the extra tyre which was also punctured. We parked the car on the side, and driver took the tyre to near gas station.

The sun started burning my face, i decided to look around for some shady place, but found nothing except a WAPDA truck standing on the other side of the road. i went there and saw the driver sitting there.

Since there was nothing to do, i started chating with him. I inquired about the wires and there quality stuff. He told me a few accidents of catching people by the High Tension Wire above our head.

He asked me What happened to us. i told him the story. He said me , I m the driver and this is my car, it is my source of income, if i dont take care of it. It will soon start creating problem. Same is the case with wife. If she becomes ill, Who will do your clothes and care your childern.

By telling this catchy lesson, we apart as my driver had arrived and had fixed the vehicle.

بیوی یا گاڑی—جس کی یاری ُاسکی سواری

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1 Response to "بیوی یا گاڑی—جس کی یاری ُاسکی سواری"

wapda driver tell a fact i agree

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