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غالب کے چند اشعار

Posted on: September 12, 2007

دل ناداں تجھے ہوا کیا ہے
آخر اس درد کی دوا کیا ھے

ھم کو ان سے ہے وفا کی امید
جو نہیں جانتے وفا کیا ھے

Poetry is a media to express the feelings which are softer than any thing in the world. The realization of an event is depicted by the poet in his own view, the way he sees it. A Lot of this also depends on the financial background of the poet that the moods of the poet also depicts the circumstance he has having.

Ghalib is my favourite poet, I love him becuase i think he is complex and easy to understand. He like to say ‘Zo manai‘ sentences ( sentence having two meanings ).

Its heart responsible for many things in life and We usually consider its decsions when it comes to likes and dislikes. But when it turns to “Love of Life” or “Love of Wife“, the heart becomes ill, its judgment is faulty. and People suggest to not to listen to your Heart in these stages.


3 Responses to "غالب کے چند اشعار"

And I became a Mirza Ghalib fan when I came across his following shair

endhan bana mujh ko jahanum ka aay Khuda
takeh duman e Ali ka kaleja jala sakoon

I have never seen so much depth in any other poetry.

Nice to meet you BTW. I also run a poetry blog ( do pay a visit.

بہت پہلے مرزا غالب کی فلم دیکھی تھی، بہت اچھی لگی تھی اسوقت، مگر زاتی طور پر مجھے اقبال کی شاعری زیادہ پسند ہے۔

wah kiya ap ki shero shahri

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