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How to submit your Urdu Poetry on

Posted on: September 8, 2007


After some initial post on aliphbay, I relised that there should be some how to write… type articles on aliphbay dot com. So here i will explain best ways to submit your poetry.

Firstly, You can send me your poetry choice or your own poetry to aliphbay contact address. We will read it, review it and give you feedback about it in 24 hrs. I assure you that you poetry is an asset for you and we are going to take care of that in the best possible ways.

You don’t have to worry then, in 48 hours, your poetry will be uploaded.

Secondly, Email me the poetry or the collection you have. Here, I want to explain the most of the poetry data is available in roman Urdu or transliterated Urdu, and that’s why it is easiest to copy paste the text from the web and post. Please don’t do copy paste.

Thirdly, Submit what you have as ‘aamad’, right there and then. go to Urdu poetry submission page, write down the shair nazm or ghazal in the Urdu text box. and you are done.


7 Responses to "How to submit your Urdu Poetry on"

After posting any excerpts, it will be moderated by the admin, if it is abiding the rules and regulations. It will be published or showed up on the site.

is there any thing wrong with Aliphbay????
i cant open this site

Yes, its not there anymore. That was a poetry site with let you post your poetry… online in urdu text…

It was an effort on urdu poetry form my side…!! haq ha!! Allah janat naseeb karey

You should Close the comments on this post since your domain doesn’t exist anymore I guess….

Ye post tu marye hor ka tazyana hai..!!

I have made another… which is still in progress…

just wait for it


Phool jaise kisi bachche ki jhalak hai mujh main

kitne masoom khayalon ki mahak hai mujh main

roz chalta hun hazaron kilo meter laikin

khatm hoti hi nahin kaisi sadak hai mujh main

main ufuq hun mra suraj se hai rishta gahra

aik do rang nahin sari dhanak hai mujh main

woh muhabbat woh nigahen woh chalakte aansu

chand yadon ki abhi baqi khanak hai mujh main

chand se kah do hiqarat se na daikhe mujh ko

mana jugnu hun magar apni khanak hai mujh main

Yadon se mahakti hui is rat main kya hai
Yeh raz khula aaj ke jazbat main kya hai

Yun ghor se hathon ki lakeeren na padha kar
bigden ge sanwar jayen ge halat main kya hai

pahle to darakhton se nikalti thin karahen
isbar zara daikhiye barsat main kya hai

yeh kah ke parindon ne bhari aaj udanen
shahron ki taraf chalte hain daihat main kya hai

khichte hi chale aate hain dil shahr e hawas main
jadu tri aankhon main tri bat main kya hai


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