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Posted on: August 29, 2007

I had been thinking that what is the best in this life i can do… after many years of profound thinking and observation, i find it that i should do the thing which i like most and i have the ability to do it. Rest was like that…

I was in matric when i started doing poetry in some holy mehfil, where the first verses i write were in English. I myself was in pleasant surprise that how can i say something in English… ( my English was very poor, n i used to get slaps on face by teachers. ) .

From the start i was a quite type of boy, busy in his things, type. So my expressions were not so clear as a normal child has. due to this i have developed some specialties and lack some normalities!!

If you go through my verses/ poetry , you will find it convoluted and complex. In urdu it is said, shuaq e yar e man dushwaar angaiz :~: Bohut asaan hai, kia kiya jae .

The concept was to made those people who are talented however small they are, to let them express their self, to feel free and enjoy the talent they had. this could be good for those people who hate ‘talking poetry’ and about ‘poetry people’.

Even on the later stages, i will try to support new upcoming talent through Aliphbay Circle of young Poets.

For friends and people who know me, can support me in my this effort. i will appreciate that very much.


2 Responses to "idea behind"

I like your site and i will try to put something from my own.

Hello Moeen Bahi,
How are you? Its a very good idea and I really appreciate you. I want to tell you few things, please email me your mobile number.

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